Whiter Teeth – The Simple Way To Improve Your Smile

There’s been a lot in the news lately about tooth whitening and especially about how whitening by anyone except a qualified dental professional registered with the General Dental Council is illegal.
Why is this?
Well, tooth whitening isn’t a cosmetic procedure like putting on make-up. It involves using powerful chemicals that actually change the colour of teeth. To do this safely the practitioner needs to be able to recognise conditions in the mouth that could cause problems. Only dental professionals can do this. Imagine a non-dental practitioner not noticing you have a tooth with a hole in it. Applying whitening gel into the cavity is likely to cause pain at best and damage to the nerve at worst which may lead to the tooth being extracted. Not the best way to improve your smile! Then there are the gums. They can also be damaged by careless procedures. The approved gels themselves are medically suitable products and have to come from reputable sources. Buying whitening gel on the Internet or from illegal practitioners removes all guarantees of safety. Some of the products available can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel which may be very expensive to repair.
Despite this, tooth whitening (sometimes called bleaching) is still the most requested dental cosmetic procedure. It’s easy to understand why:
There’s nothing more important than our smile. There really isn’t.
It’s the first thing people notice about us. It influences the way people think about us.
It’s amazing how people judge us from the appearance of our smile. They subconsciously decide if we’re honest, trustworthy, successful or if we care about ourselves. They assess our age and even our intelligence by the way our smile looks!
Some people have special reasons for wanting their smile to look good.
Perhaps you’re about to attend a job interview. Maybe a wedding’s coming up and you want to look good in the photos. You might just want to feel more self-confident and look more attractive to others.
Coming for professional tooth whitening at Avenue Road Dental Practice is the simple way to feel better about yourself and make others feel better about you too.
So how do we actually do it?
It has to be done properly. Your health and safety is our first concern and for this reason every patient receives a thorough examination of their teeth, gums and the skin of the mouth before treatment to ensure tooth whitening can be provided comfortably, safely and effectively.
If you’re one of our existing regular patients we probably already have the information about you that we need. If you’re someone we haven’t met before we carry out a full New Patient Examination before whitening. This is a very thorough examination including an examination for early signs of mouth cancer, an examination of the gums and an examination of the teeth including clinical photographs and x-rays if needed. If we find you’re not suitable for tooth whitening we won’t charge you for the examination. If we find you are suitable and want to proceed we’ll deduct the cost of the examination from the cost of the whitening treatment.
After your examination we’ll take moulds of your teeth. From these we’ll make individually-fitting whitening trays. These are soft, transparent trays that slip comfortably over your teeth. We’ll give you a supply of whitening gel with full instructions on how to use it. We’ll measure the starting colour of your teeth and take photos so that we can track improvements. You’re then free to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home at times which are convenient to you.
Most people see an improvement after about 3 days of whitening. The whole process usually takes 2-3 weeks. After that we’ll invite you back in for new photographs and assess the new colour of your teeth.
Tooth whitening is simple. Professionally delivered it is a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment which can boost your self-confidence and really improve the way you feel about yourself and the way others feel about you too.

To make an appointment for tooth whitening at Avenue Dental Practice please call Joy on 01983 759567
We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Teeth whitening, at Avenue Road Dental Practice, located on the Isle of Wight.

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