Rubber Dam

Nowadays the use of rubber dam is on the increase; for good reasons.

Rubber dam isolation was invented in America in the nineteenth century. It has been in constant use throughout the world ever since. In England, its popularity diminished in the 1950’s  as conditions at that time encouraged dentists to work with speed in mind and so abandon anything considered as ‘non-essential’ regardless of the potential advantages for patients.

The main benefits to patients are as follows:

  • It stops the mouth filling with water during use of the dental drill.
  • It stops bacteria from the saliva entering treated teeth.
  • It prevents the risk of small objects being dropped and entering the windpipe.
  • It reduces the amount of mercury swallowed or its vapor inhaled during the removal of amalgam fillings.
  • It stops tooth preparations becoming contaminated by mouth fluids, so making fillings last longer.
  • It greatly improves the chances for success for root-fillings.

For technical reasons, it is not always possible to place rubber dam but at Avenue Road Dental Practice we do so whenever possible.

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