Healthy Living

When people think of healthy living they may think of the food they eat and the air they breathe.  They may consider the cosmetics they choose and even the washing powders they buy to wash their clothes.

They often don’t think of what might already be inside them or what may be put there in the future!

At our practice we care about these things; we know how increasingly concerned people are about pollutants, for example toxic metals.

That’s why we don’t use mercury amalgam fillings.  And we go further – when we replace these fillings we use tooth isolation and high volume suction.  We try to protect our patients from swallowing or breathing in things they really don’t need!

We consider other things too.  Alternative remedies; things to help your body help itself.  We take lifestyle choices seriously.  We’ll polish your teeth but not with bristle brushes.  ‘Pure Bristle’ means ‘Pure Pigs Bristle’.  Not much good if you’re a vegan!

We treat our patients as we’d like to be treated ourselves.  We’re not perfect but we keep learning.  Other people think so to; that’s how practice team members won Independent Dentistry’s National Award in Postgraduate Activity and were finalists in the Probe’s Dental Awards.  We won’t sit on our laurels – we’ll continue to provide old fashioned service with high technology techniques.  We already have some of the most up to date equipment in the country and intend to build on this.  We want visitors to our practice to experience the latest in health, beauty and comfort that modern dentistry has to offer!