Avoiding Dental Emergencies

It always seems to come at the worst time. On holiday, during a special occasion, even, heaven forbid, at Christmas!

Sometimes dental emergencies are unavoidable but very often they can be prevented simply by ensuring our mouths stay healthy.

The best way of ensuring this is to make sure our dentist regularly carries out a full and thorough examination.

A full examination takes a bit of time. It can’t be completed in a minute or two. Typically a full examination consists of:

Mouth cancer screening. Although rare, mouth cancer is the most rapidly-increasing form of the disease in the UK. Patients over the age of 18 benefit from being screened at least once each year. Early detection saves lives! Mouth cancer identified early can be treated much more simply than when it is discovered late and early treatment carries a far better chance of survival.

Soft Tissue Screening. It isn’t only mouth cancer that causes problems. The skin of the mouth can suffer from a variety of other conditions that may need attention to stop them getting worse.

Gum Screening. More teeth are extracted in the UK because of gum disease than because of any other cause. Gum disease takes years to develop but can eventually end with pain, abscesses and swelling.

Examination of the Teeth. Each tooth has 5 surfaces where decay can start. That’s up to 140 surfaces for the dentist to look at in the average patient!

X-Ray Examination. X-rays show the areas you can’t see with the naked eye. They can identify small problems before they become big ones!

Other Tests. Is that discoloured tooth still alive? Might it be developing an abscess? Does that crown look tight or is it on the point of falling off? Is that just staining at the edge of that filling or is it tooth decay? These and many other issues are considered at a full examination.

Clinical Photographs. To help you see any problems with your teeth and to act as a record for comparison in the future.

A modern dental examination is much more than ‘just a check-up’. It can make the difference between a lifetime of dental health or continual problems and unexpected emergencies.

Prevention really is better than cure and prevention starts with a full examination.

A full new patient consultation at Avenue Road Dental Practice costs £55.00 and includes all the things listed above. In addition we look at your general health and tailor your treatments with your well-being in mind. We try to get to know you and listen to your concerns. Our aim is to provide you with a service which is comfortable, convenient and designed to keep you healthy. Everybody has enough worries; don’t let unexpected toothache be one of them!

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