The Dental Therapist

We’re really delighted to welcome Abbie to our clinical team. Abbie is a dental therapist.

A dental therapist can carry out all the duties of both a dental nurse and a dental hygienist

and much more.

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  • She can whiten patients’ teeth
  • She can take impressions for a number of treatments
  • She can carry out almost all treatments for children including fillings and even extractions
  • She can fill adult teeth and place temporary dressings if a tooth is broken
  • She can de-sensitise teeth and provide preventive treatments.

Because the overheads of a dental therapist are somewhat lower than those of the dentist, many therapist fees can be provided at a discounted rate.

We know you’ll be impressed by the service Abbie provides. If you’d like more of your routine treatments carried out by her please ask Joy at reception who can give you full details of what is possible.

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