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Philip Lewis Presents A Webinar



Tooth Sensitivity



Interesting  Facts


Refer Your Friends



Our Services

The Dental Therapist 

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Tips, information and even some light entertainment from Your dental practice!



Philip Lewis Presents Webinar!



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Do you know what a Webinar is? Neither did dentist Philip Lewis until he was asked to present one! For more information Click Here











Clinical Tip


How to avoid tooth sensitivity


Sensitive teeth can be miserable! With Christmas coming up we’re all looking forward to eating and drinking what we like best. To find out how to make this comfortable Click Here




Interesting Facts



Waterloo Teeth


People have never liked gaps in their smile but plastic teeth, implants and bridges are relatively modern inventions. In the past more gruesome solutions were available! For more information Click Here




Refer Your Friends!


 If you like the way we do things at Avenue Road Dental Practice please tell your friends! We’re always delighted to welcome new patients on the recommendation of our existing valued patients.

Services for You!


Our practice offers a wide range of services. We’re a general dental practice which first and foremost tries to look after your dental health with thorough examinations, hygiene treatments and all the things you’d expect to keep your mouth in good condition.

We do lots of other things as well!

Tooth whitening, teeth straightening for adults, cosmetic crowns and veneers; even cosmetic dentures!

If you’d like more information on any of the services we offer; pop-in, call us or go to our website:

We’re here to help you!

Our New Dental Therapist


Welcome Abbie!


What’s a dental therapist? How can she really help you? Click Here to find out more!