Cleaning and Treatment of Gum Disease

Avenue Road Dental Practice’s most important treatment

Of all the treatments we offer, this is the most important as without healthy gums all treatment to the teeth will certainly fail.

The Technique:

The greatest emphasis is placed on teaching proper tooth brushing and other cleaning techniques. Just like the dentist and staff frequently attend refresher courses throughout their careers, so it is not reasonable to expect anyone to remember the finer points of efficient tooth cleaning techniques without regular reminders.

The teeth are cleaned and polished using advanced equipment. This may be done with a local anesthetic if the teeth are very sensitive. Often, fluoride is applied to help strengthen the teeth and reduce sensitivity. Sometimes special mouthwashes will be recommended.

What to expect after scaling and gum-treatment:

The teeth may remain sensitive to hot and cold for a couple of days. The gums may look red and bleed easily if a lot of tartar has been removed. During healing, the gums will return to normal but at first it may be possible to feel swollen gum tags moving between the teeth.

Here’s an Avenue Road Dental before and after shot of gum disease treatment:

Gum Disease Treatment - Avenue Road Dental

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