7 Reasons to Join Us

Here’s Why You Should Join Avenue Road Dental Practice!

1/ To be treated as an individual. At Avenue Road Dental Practice all our patients are treated as valued guests. You’ll never be just ‘a number on a list’. We take time to get to know you, we arrange appointments at times that are convenient to you, we allow plenty of time to carry out your treatments so you never feel rushed and most importantly we make the time to listen to you, to your needs and concerns and to your wishes about how your care is provided.

2/ To protect your general health. When we accept you as a patient we have a duty of care towards your general health as well as just the health of your mouth. That’s why we regularly update your medical history, ask you what medicines you are taking and examine your head and neck as well as your mouth. We take your general health seriously and tailor our care so that you can be confident you’re receiving the most appropriate and safe treatments.

3/ For continuity. Because Philip Lewis is the only dentist at Avenue Road Dental Practice you can be sure of seeing the same dentist each time you come, not a different face at every visit. All your clinical records are kept on computer and backed-up daily so that relevant information is always available. You’ll get to know our other team members as well and feel confident that all areas of your treatment form part of a complete treatment plan designed individually for you.

4/ For peace of mind. We provide tested, reliable treatments which are designed to look good, feel good and last a long time. Our thorough examinations reduce the risk of dental emergencies developing. Of course, we carry out stringent hygiene procedures to protect your wellbeing and regularly take postgraduate education to help us provide you with the latest and best services.

5/ To keep your mouth healthy. Many of the services we offer are based on prevention. Prevention really is better than cure especially in dentistry where ‘cure’ often means the provision of complex treatments. The whole dental team at Avenue Road Dental Practice works towards preserving your dental health and preventing unnecessary deterioration.

6/ To feel good about yourself. All our treatments have appearance in mind even if they are not specifically cosmetic treatments. For example, we only use tooth-coloured filling materials and take care to blend our treatments in with your natural teeth. We think that people who look good feel better about themselves and that’s how we want you to feel!

7/ For the confidence of knowing you’re being looked after. It’s difficult for people who are not dentists to fully understand what’s going on in their mouths and we feel privileged that you’ve put your trust in us to advise and treat you. We fully intend to fulfil our responsibility to you by providing the best advice, treatment and service we possibly can so that you can rest assured that you are being treated properly ad with care by our whole practice team.


We hope there are a lot more than 7 reasons why you should join our practice and we’d love you to find out about more of them for yourself!

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